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The scope of clean up in water damage restoration procedures may be much more than what is visible. Water pipes that burst or begin to leak in your house may not get noticed for a long period of time.

Water damage restoration may be too costly for individuals to repair by themselves. Flood damage repair companies are specialists in the clean up and repair of damage sustained to your home or office building from any type of water damage.

Water damage restoration procedures require immediate moisture removal and control to prevent or stop the growth of mold and mildew, which causes biological contamination.

Dehumidification is essential in the cleaning process to remove evaporated moisture from the air and prevent secondary damage.

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Our All Pro Cleaning & Restoration mold remediation and mold removal specialists know that mold growth due to moisture, water and flood damage within residential homes and commercial buildings is occurring at an alarming rate. If you encounter mold smells or visibly see black wall mold, attic mold, sheetrock mold, or other types of drywall water damage - contact All Pro Cleaning & Restoration mold remediation professionals.

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But don't wait. The larger the mold problem, the more costly the clean-up or repair. Following water damage, mold has the capability of becoming unmanageable quickly, spreading at a rapid pace and often requiring mold repair remediation if not addressed immediately. If not removed properly, sheetrock mold can spread like dust throughout your entire house. Allergic reactions may happen immediately or develop after a period of time, also some molds produce toxic substances.

Mold smells and its growth can occur 48-72 hours from the initial wetting period. If mold damage repair is not addressed by a mold damage mitigation service in an efficient and effective manner, structural damage to your home or commercial building is likely to occur, and is frequently accompanied by serious or long-term health conditions. In some cases, people may develop severe reactions to mold exposure. Symptoms of severe reactions include fever and difficulty breathing.

Mold remediation companies will tell you that immediate clean up and removal is required to avoid extensive mold damage repair. If the presence of moisture is noted, drying should take place immediately to minimize the probability of mold growth. If your house has sustained recent water damage, it is imperative that a mold damage removal service extracts the water and dries the structure without delay.

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